Wagner, Die Walküre excerpts
Miami Music Festival Wagner Institute
New World Center

Projection Design: Yee Eun Nam and Yuki Izumihara
Costume Design: Mark Humberger
All photos copyright Kristin Pulido and Anthony Perez
Costumes rented from Washington National Opera

Words fall short to praise this representation which did not need a scenographic framework to achieve the full force of these scenes.... Drama and music certainly came together as the public applauded the staging of Dan Wallace Miller.
The Seattle Opera’s Dan Miller was the director here, and managed in a tiny space to give some sense of vivid theater.

...The Walküre excerpts were loudly acclaimed by the audience, and Goerke gave the hall an encore: the final pages of Götterdämmerung, well-sung and beautifully played by the orchestra.
Jillian Yemen, Stephanie Newman, Lauren Frick, Molly Burke, Rosenberg, Wilson, Thelwell and Root were the sonorous Valkyrie sisters, their surround sound from the rear and sides of the hall making the ‘Ride of the Valkyrie,’ a widescreen experience...

Utilizing the hall’s multimedia capacities, Yee Eun Nam’s projections were often eye-filling, evoking galloping horses to reams of fire... Director Dan Wallace Miller ably made the limited acting space in front of the large orchestra an asset, bringing the warrior maidens’ combat and the initial confrontation between Brunhilde and Wotan close to the audience.

Vociferous cheers, yelps and applause brought a final encore from Goerke–the concluding section of Brünnhilde’s “Immolation Scene” from Götterdämmerung, the final Ring opera. Her heroic timbre and the gleam of her middle register potently projected Brünnhilde’s self immolation and destruction of the gods’ Valhalla.

As the strings played the new dawn theme, projections of running water signaled the ever present river and the eternity of nature.